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Share your favorite sites to visit in the ever growing internet! I love learning about new, entertaining and note-worthy websites in all genres so I can't wait to explore your favorites.

Website of the Day: iPhoneky

Posted By Tech on Jun 26, 2008 at 1:00PM

As much as I love my iPhone, I'm actually shocked to say that I haven't "pimped it to its potential!" While I'm usually concerned with my desktop's wallpaper, my iPhone wallpaper gets neglected with boring photos. Never again! There's actually a ridiculously great site called iPhoneky that offers the funkiest wallpapers for iPod Touchs and iPhones. There are soo many designs to choose from and they are free to download and use.

The easiest way to get one of the pics on your iPhone or iPod Touch is to drag the photo into the iTunes picture folder when your iPhone and iTunes are syncing. Another option is to email the pic to yourself and download it directly onto your iPhone. Once the pic is saved just click on properties and "Use As Wallpaper." And hopefully you will have a beautiful new wallpaper to look at!

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Sensible Units Takes the Guess Work Out of File Sizes

Posted By Tech on Jun 26, 2008 at 9:00AM

Sweet! You just purchased a 32GB Edge flash drive to store your files, but now you're wondering what the heck this drive can actually hold — how many MP3s? Movies? This is all important information! Well Sensible Units will help you on your quest, taking any unit of size (not only tech related) and converts it into real-world objects. I suggest playing around with it. . . Who knew that 5cm was 6.3 dry basmati rice grains end to end? Or that 4 MBs is only equivalent to 1.3 MP3s worth of songs?! Love it!

Website of the Day: Cassette From My Ex

Posted By Tech on Jun 25, 2008 at 1:49PM

Mixed tapes on the Internet are rising in popularity, and I know if you're of a certain age, the sight of a cassette tape on any website seduces your memories with thoughts of the boyfriends, girlfriends, and unrequited crushes that handed you one of those little rectangles, full of emotions and messages.

But while most sites merely use the lexicon or imagery of the mixtape, like Muxtape and Mixwit, there's now a site that pulls at your heartstrings and discusses the real heart of mixed tapes: Cassette From My Ex.

Cassette From My Ex's blog posts are sentimental short stories of people recalling Summer romances or young loves and the mixtape that defined them. Being someone who has practiced the art of making a mixtape (and the art of dissecting one), I understand the loadedness of each song, the vulnerability bared with each track.

Didn't think you'd get intimacy from a Website of the Day, did you?

Website of the Day: Multicolr Search Lab

Posted By Tech on Jun 24, 2008 at 2:03PM

I've been getting an urge to repaint my kitchen a bright color since Summer hit, but I'm having a hard time deciding on what colors to use. Casa suggested that I start browsing through photos to help me decide on a color palette, but I quickly found out how time consuming that can be. Thankfully, I found the Multicolr Search Lab by Indee, Inc., and in one search, I had decided on my colors, and got to see some really interesting photographs that I may not have seen otherwise.

Similar to ColourLovers but with photos, Multicolr Search sifts through over three million "interesting" Flickr photos, and zeroes in on up to 10 colors of your choice. You want to see photos with purple and brown? Then select those colors from the Multicolr palette, and the Search Lab will bring you 30 photos at a time to drool over. Now all I have to do is carve out some time to actually paint my kitchen!

Website of the Day: Urban Pranskter

Posted By Tech on Jun 20, 2008 at 2:00PM

You know, I've always wanted to be part of a flash mob. . . or get caught up in one (either way). So now I'm following Urban Prankster — a new site dedicated to keeping you abreast of shenanigans, tomfoolery, and general ballyhoo, all around the world.

Improv Everywhere will document both upcoming and past pranks, so even if you weren't there, you can still read about and see video and photos of stuff like giant water-balloon fights, "freeze-ins," and shopping mall camping (pictured)!


Website of the Day: Alerts

Posted By Tech on Jun 19, 2008 at 10:05AM

I get all sorts of reminders and alerts sent to my email inbox and my cell phone. The problem? It's hard to keep them all updated and organized. The wonderful Remember the Milk will send you reminders that you create in a variety of formats, but what if you want notifications like weather forecasts automatically sent to you — without having to set the notification up yourself?! There's a new site called Alerts! (I'll try to contain my excitement).

Once you set up a free account, Alerts acts as your personal manager, sending things like birthday notifications, price changes on products, traffic alerts, wakeup calls, and daily horoscopes. You get to choose how you want your notification delivered — be it via email, text message, instant messaging, or even voice. . . helping you manage your mismanaged life!

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Website of the Day: I Like Totally Love It

Posted By Tech on Jun 18, 2008 at 2:02PM

What would you get if Digg and SugarLoving fell madly in love with ShopStyle and they got married and had babies? You'd get I Like Totally Love It, which uses a Digg-like interface to display the weird and awesome products found by its users.

These are not just sort-of-cool tchotchkes that make OK eye candy, this is a nuts display of material — check out these Gangly Black Gloves and the Cupcake Necklace that were just waiting for me on the homepage. Filter through the categories to check out things the Internet hasn't shown you yet, and vote them up like you would on SugarLoving.

And what about that name? I like totally love it!

(I had to say it.)

Website of the Day: Kongregate

Posted By Tech on Jun 17, 2008 at 10:00AM

Time totally stole my Website of the Day when they listed Kongregate as one of the top 50 websites of the year. On a side note, did you happen to see a little site called PopSugar on that list? Maybe you've heard of it?

Anyway, I was going to tell you to add Kongregate to your bookmarks toolbar right now for those times that you just can't bear to sit there and analyze one more excel spreadsheet, or crunch one more number. With over five thousand flash based games submitted by indie developers, there's something for everyone to dive into: from typing games to shooters and more. My favorite game today? Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 2 — it's like Guitar Hero for my keyboard! And if that's not enough, there are ways to earn cash and prizes. To see how, read more

Website of the Day: Viewzi

Posted By Tech on Jun 16, 2008 at 2:00PM

For a whole new search experience, you must check out Viewzi, a visual search engine that presents info in a variety of interesting formats. When I typed in "laptop" for my search, unlike a regular list of results like typical search engines, I can choose from all sorts of fun view displays such as web screenshot view, simple text view, basic photo view, video X3 view, and 3D photo cloud view.

With the 4 sources view (in this pic), I was able to view search results from sites like Yahoo, Google, Ask, and MSN in visual form. There are so many ways to explore content that it's really one of those sites that you have to explore to understand its potential and effectiveness! See more screen caps below to get an idea about the variety of searches available.

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Website of the Day: Jott

Posted By Tech on Jun 13, 2008 at 2:45PM

I use the notepad function on my iPhone waaay too much, like so much that I have pages and pages of random notes (dresses I see out that I want to find cheaper online, reminder to buy my Dad something on Amazon when I get home) and it ends up being not all that efficient. Especially because I generally forget to check the pages and pages of notes until I'm making another note for something else.

So I'm outsourcing the notes and thoughts in my head to Jott.

Sign up for a free account with Jott and let them do the organizing and yes, jotting down for you. You can call them and leave a voicemail, text, or email, with your lists and emails or anything else you want to remember later. When you sign on (yes, you do have to remember to sign in), all your notes, whatever way you got them to Jott, will be organized for you. My appointments thank you!