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Share your favorite sites to visit in the ever growing internet! I love learning about new, entertaining and note-worthy websites in all genres so I can't wait to explore your favorites.

Website of the Day: I Love You More Than

Posted By Tech on Feb 11, 2009 at 2:24PM

If you're the kind of couple who is not so big on just standard flowers and chocolate on Valentine's Day, then let me introduce you to I Love You More Than, a website that lets you add your own sweet candy-heart message, declaring "I love you more than . . . " whatever you love your SO more than.

And if you're just a fan of love, particularly little personal declarations of quirky love, you'll also love this site more than most others. And that's saying something.

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Website of the Day: Mpire

Posted By Tech on Feb 10, 2009 at 2:31PM

For you, shopping for deals online may be as easy as adding the Retail Me Not Firefox extension to your browser. But for me, it takes a little more digging, and a lot less browsing to get the best deal I can possibly get. That's why Mpire is my new go-to site to find the best deals from thousands of stores all in one place.

Mpire brings all the sales and discounts to you (instead of you going to them) from online stores like Target, Ebay, and Amazon, and even tracks the prices so you know if you're really getting the best deal you can. Less time browsing, and more time spending your cash on new gadgets. Hey, we gotta help the economy somehow, right?

Website of the Day: Otalo

Posted By Tech on Feb 4, 2009 at 1:03PM

Few things are as fun as starting to plan your vacation, and then actually getting to go on that vacation. Not so awesome? Hunting all over the Internet for ways to get there and where you're going to stay. For flights and hotels, there are plenty of websites that consolidate different airlines and hotel chains, but for vacation rentals, you've had to just hop around websites.

Not anymore — in the tradition of Kayak and Farecast, vacation rentals have a one-stop shop now, too: Otalo.

Want to stay in a cabin or beach house on your next trip? Otalo searches the agency's websites and other rental listings and consolidates them to bring you all the open rentals in one place. Just put in where you're going, what amenities you want, and bam. Send me a postcard!

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Website of the Day: Giftah

Posted By Tech on Jan 12, 2009 at 1:05PM

Did you get any gift cards for Christmas that you have no intentions of using? It's OK, you're not stuck with them and you won't have to force yourself to "find something you like." Why, because there's a new site called Giftah that makes it easy for US and Canadian residents to trade or sell their unwanted and unused gift cards. I found this site on Lifehacker, and was skeptical at first, but then soon realized it's actually a nifty site. If you are looking for a bargain, there's some gift cards that are marked down as much as 50 percent from the actual price (usually cards with expiry dates). I'm just wondering what the success rate has been on these transactions so far?

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Website of the Day: TV Loop

Posted By Tech on Dec 19, 2008 at 11:00AM

Formerly just a popular Facebook app, TV Loop has gone indie and launched its own website — think of it as a hub of TV paradise mixed in with its own social network.

Once you sign up, you customize your homepage by picking your favorite TV shows, past and present. From there, fun clips, trivia quizzes, photos, and quotes from those shows that cover your screen. The constant trivia quiz (yes, I aced the Gilmore Girls one) already had me losing a half hour of my time. Time well spent, though.

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Website of the Day: Gizmine

Posted By Tech on Dec 11, 2008 at 1:00PM

Ever wish there were an easy way to find and purchase cool little gadgets and gizmos from Japan? I always discover such neat stuff on Japanese websites, but there are two major roadblocks that get in my way — I can't translate the website, and they won't ship to the US. But now I have full, easy access to all things awesome from Japan thanks to a chic new site called Gizmine. Search by categories like price, color, theme, brand, and more. It really is Japanese shopping paradise for geeks and you can get the product sent to you in the US!

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Website of the Day: Tripology

Posted By Tech on Nov 18, 2008 at 3:46PM

I have taken a fair amount of trips in my day, and from my extensive trip planning, I just assumed that all travel agents were created equal. Boy, was I wrong. My last vacation turned out to be a bit of a bummer because our agent recommended some activities that were nothing like what they were described as, which really put a damper on my vacay. Thankfully, I won't have to go through travel-agent rage again — I've discovered Tripology.

Tripology is simple: you enter where you want to go, and Tripology will connect you with up to three travel agents that specialize in your destination.

Tripology is based off of the idea that some travel agents are more familiar with certain areas of the globe (whether it be from experience, they have lived there, or are just particularly interested in a certain place), and they should be the ones to help you plan your vacation. I would happen to agree. Tripology is free to use, and you can book your trip directly with the agent of your choosing. Here's to hoping Tripology takes the hassle (and disappointment) out of your next trip!

Website of the Day: PeevePile

Posted By Tech on Nov 3, 2008 at 1:35PM

I think venting is a totally cathartic way to blow off some steam, but sometimes you don't want to do it aloud to your friends, coworkers, or significant other for fear that you'll be so negative that you bring them down. Which is why I'm glad I can turn to the Internet for this need! PeevePile is a site where you can anonymously (or not) post your biggest — and smallest — pet peeves.

I guarantee no one will comment on your peeve to tell you that you shouldn't waste your time worrying about things that small; instead there's a chorus of "Oh I KNOW"s.

Right now I'm in total agreement with the peeve of when people apologize by saying "I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings." That's not a real apology! Oh, I feel better now, don't you?

Website of the Day: Thank You Too

Posted By Tech on Oct 30, 2008 at 1:01PM

Thank You Too is a thank you e-card service with an old fashioned twist.

You select from a variety of short, but sweet messages like "You are beautiful. Thank you." or "You found me. Thank you." or "I love the way you turn the page. Thank you.", type out a personal message for the back of the card and the creators of the website re-write it by hand and send it off.

The cost for a simple postcard, handwriting service and postage is nearly $4, which last time I checked is actually less expensive than a fancy card.

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Website of the Day: Sit or Squat

Posted By Tech on Oct 22, 2008 at 1:03PM

Sit or Squat lives up to its name. The site shows you the closest place to relieve yourself and whether that place qualifies as a sitting or squatting spot. (You get what I mean, ladies?).

It's a fancier, more particular version of MizPee, which is a simple text service that finds the closest (and supposedly cleanest) toilet.

The Sit or Squat application was designed for the computer or for download on your iPhone (they are still working on BlackBerry), which means you can use it when you are on the go and really have to go. It functions worldwide and is based on Google Maps, but anyone can submit their favorite, or least favorite, throne. Now if I only knew which restrooms have full length mirrors . . .

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